I like most if not all of us have a number of people whose thoughts and ideas have influenced and shaped my own.  A lot of the methods I talk about here come from these people and I would not be the person I am without them.  

I do my best to acknowledge the ideas of others on this blog, I never intend to pass them off as my own.  Please let me know if additional credit needs to be given, etc.

The Liberation Mentor

I would like to thank Nicolas Gregoriades for the work he puts out into the world.  The Liberation Mentor podcast (formerly known as Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood) has guided me and influenced me immensely.  A large number of the book titles in the "Inspiration and Information" section were mentioned on Nic's podcast.  It is hard to find truly credible information these days.  Thank you, Nic for your help.

Cane Prevost

I would like to thank Cane Prevost for the 3P's methodology.  Understanding martial arts through this lens has accelerated my learning of Jiu-jitsu far greater than any instructional.  If you are a Jits person I urge you to check out Cane's website.

Inspiration and Information

Below is a list of links to useful information, books, podcasts, websites that have influenced and informed me.  Unless I am linking to another blog or website, the link will take you to

Martial Arts 


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