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A summary of my approach to competition (for now)

What next? I smashed my goals and did what I said I was going to do. Time to set a new goal, no fucking about this time though. My next goal is to win a BJJ competition. My suspicions going into this little experiment were that my head and my cardio would let me down. Only one of the two things partially let me down on the day and it wasn’t my cardio. There are definitely some new things I am going to introduce into my mental preparation over the next few months. For my sins, I have a small tear in my Meniscus so as much as I wanted to jump into the next competition on 1st May, I couldn’t for fear of fucking up the rest of my knee. I am still able to train but my physio says until my knee recovers hard sparring and by default, competition is a bad idea. Meh whatever. I am still maintaining my fasting habit, keeping my cardio up and there’s a lot of new stuff I want to play around with in my game. I thought it would be a useful conclusion to this series of articles if I set ou