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Comp day

  The ref called my name.   The adrenalin pumping through my veins, that familiar feeling of floating into the situation with an outside perspective.   I step on the mat, we shake hands, times on, lock up, engage.   Whooomph, he pulls guard straight away.   “Fuck, id rather have had a good wrestle first but lets crack on” His closed guard is super tight, no real room to move.   The rubber guard position he’s working is keeping my posture low.   I carry on breathing through, no point rushing and getting tired, I maintain safety position, isolating his hips, feeling things out. The adrenalin still pumping, I breathe through, savoring the experience.   “What the fuck was I afraid of all this time?”   My mind returns to the task in hand, I become aware of the muscle memory piloting my defenses still mechanically controlling his hips.   Feeling the connection of the match, not an ordinary match, I need to insist and get my fucking posture back and open this closed guard… This article is t

The road to competition

  Going into this experiment I decided that I wanted to make preparation as easy as possible for myself.   Over the years I have observed teammates present and past put themselves under tremendous pressure on the run-up to competing.  I didn't want to do that, I wanted to go with the flow, be happy grinding out the rounds in the gym and live the experience.  I worked hard to tune out any negative thought patterns such as cutting weight, the bracket, being upset with myself about in gym performance or injuries, etc.   My goals reflected that vision, here’s a quick recap of them from my earlier article : Enter into and compete at a BJJ comp by April 2021 Get my weight to 92kg so I didn’t have to cut Develop a more competitive mindset Accept I would most likely have an injury going into the match Up my cardio levels Focus on recovery and don’t overtrain Have fun and enjoy the journey The first thing to do was sort out my weight, I was already down to 94kg so I needed to shed another

The other side of fear - competition

  Introduction I started writing this article in late October 2020.   The reason I have not posted it, or much else for that matter is because I didn’t want to be a charlatan, one of those writers who talks a good game but doesn’t follow it through.   I wanted to be definite, to be able to say that I have already achieved the goal this article talks about.   Covid lockdowns have cancelled and rescheduled the comp I entered three times since it was originally advertised.   As frustrating as this was for anyone involved, I looked at it as more of a blessing.   It allowed me to keep working on some of my peripheral goals and evolve my thinking and understanding of how I see competition. The first article in this series shows my approach and mindset going into this.   Over the next couple of articles I plan to write about how that approach changed over time and the last one I will write about the event itself.   Enjoy.   Deciding to compete Life changes quickly and mine certainly h