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The skip breakfast experiment

 Before lockdown, I was working towards getting my weight down to ninety-two kilos.   Then lockdown hit and I put on six very unwelcome kilos, pushing my weight up to one hundred kegs.   This had to change, I knew what to tweak (stop eating cake, drinking alcohol and get back on the mats).   To turbocharge my weight loss I decided to start intermittent fasting. In this article, I am going to share what I know about IF, how I am doing it and my results so far.   As with anything health-related, please seek professional medical advice before trying it.   What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting (IF) or “skip breakfast” as I think of it, is the practice of not eating for a set period of time, then eating for a shorter period of time.   I think of these periods as my “fasting window” and my “eating window” There are quite a few different IF methods/ models/ plans out there.   I have listed the most popular methods below.   If you are looking for more details on the method

Taking the plunge

  Two weeks ago I resigned from my very safe and secure IT job.  I feel sure that a lot of people I work with and that know me think I am either mad or going through a midlife crisis.  My truth is that this event has been building for a while.   I have read and heard from a number of different sources (M.J.De Marco, Osho to name a few), that to succeed in life and truly be free you have to go all in.   I had been trying to prove them wrong by staying safe and building my dream then jumping – trying to guarantee certainty.   As Osho says somewhat dramatically in his book Courage: the joy of living dangerously “people who want to live comfortably – they are seeking death, they want a comfortable grave” he goes on to say the other type of person “they choose to live dangerously, because life thrives only when there is risk”.   Until last week I was living in a comfortable grave.   Not anymore. Why did I ignore this knowledge for so long?   Simply, I was not ready, I had a comfortable