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Ageing Gracelessly – the importance of mobility and conditioning after 30

Jiu-jitsu or any live, contact sport is unforgiving on the body (as I have found out) even in your prime.   I have a lot of respect for the guys my age and older just starting out at white belt.  It is a grind, especially when you are confronted with those athletic, strong twenty-year-olds who are trying to pull your head off.     I have picked up really shitty injuries along the way that keep me off the mats if I do not take care of them.  The irony of writing this is that I am injured again because I let life take over and I ignored my mobility and conditioning work  (proving that age and wisdom don’t necessarily come hand in hand).   This article is for the older guys on the mat, perhaps I have something of value to contribute?  Maybe by sharing how I see training these days and the methods I use to keep me on the mats there will be something you can use?  Let's find out.   Ego and Mindset I think the ego comes into play a lot as we age, especially for men. I like to