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Jits fundamentals, why you need them and how to find them

Basics, fundamentals, foundations, first principles, essentials, prerequisites, necessities, etc, are today's subject. My mission is to try and explain why fundamentals are key to becoming the best you can be on the mats. My first series of articles talked about off the mat learning, my favourite theme. I selfishly neglected the fundamentals, in hindsight, this article should have come first.  Fundamentals are after all, arguably the most important part of Jiujitsu (or anything for that matter).   Why is that? The simple answer, (as I understand it and think of it) is that the basics run through everything we do on the mats. That flashy heel hook entry you are learning from John Danaher or Lachlan Giles, that complex worm guard sequence from Keenan online; all have their roots in the fundamentals of Jiu-jitsu. For example Let me try and give an example of what I am driving at. Say I watch a Neil Melanson YouTube video showing a really cool Darce choke from side contro

Need little, Want less

What possessions do you actually need? When I was younger, "stuff" was important to me, for example, I wanted to have a cool collection of music and films. Take note of my younger perception there “I wanted to have”. One of my earliest evolutions was moving beyond “wanting stuff”. I want to share how my mindset shifted, where I think the need for stuff comes from and lastly how adopting a minimalist mindset helped me financially and mentally. This was my first step to getting my shit together financially. It was an interesting journey, this article flows into the next one I plan to write about understanding where the fuck you spend your cash and how to unfuck your finances. "Stuff" I think part of my evolution in mindset towards minimalism is to do with age. When we are young we tend to “want” lots of things to give us comfort (toys, clothes, music, etc). "Stuff" is seen as status among kids, growing up I never had all the cool toys (I did have

The Bluebelt blues and how to overcome them

I asked a good friend what they would like me to write about. This was one of his suggestions – dealing with the Blue belt blues. Truth be told, it has been a while since I thought about this. There are quite a few articles out there already on this, how would I deal with it if I was in that position again? Definition A quick definition for those of you that don’t know. The Blue belt blues is a phenomenon noted within the BJJ community. Often, White belts will put so much into getting their Bluebelt, then disappear from the mat, from their club, from jiu-jitsu, sometimes never to be seen again. Why does this happen? I don’t think I had the blue belt blues but I did end up taking a few years off (so perhaps I did).  Shortly after I got to blue, the gym shut. I was gymless. I was travelling with work a lot and couldn’t train much anyway. I tried a few other places but nowhere was the same, I missed the vibe. I decided to go and do some standup, I spent the next couple of

Entrepreneurial beginnings

The crazy state of the world right now has given me time to work on this project (my blog).  I am close to launching it, this project has been bubbling away in the back of my mind and a variety of word documents, scraps of paper, mobile phone notes and other media for over three years.  In spite of everything happening at present, fears for family and friends across the globe, etc I am in a good place right now.   I am excited about what the future holds, after this virus settles down and we come out the other side.  Some people are afraid right now, afraid for their jobs, their family, afraid of recession and how to make ends meet.  I am too, I have learned however that there will always be adversity.  The secret is, how you meet it. I am excited to experience and take part in societies evolution.  One of my hopes is we see the demise of commuting to offices, a paradigm shift where service sector employees like myself work from home.  Another is that through this global adversity

Striving to be like Yoda - Breathing and Meditation

I have been working up to this article since before this blog began. It is going to be tough writing it but I am enjoying the process. Even now I can feel the charge of the positive energy coursing through my veins.  Today I am writing about a pivotal moment in my evolution as a man - understanding meditation and the connection to breath . The events that brought about this understanding and the clarity I received from them helped me find the courage to seek help again. To take a long hard look in the mirror and pacify my inner demons. I have said before I want to write about truth but the truth is I am not ready to write about that long hard look in the mirror yet. One thing that I have come to realise is that my pendulum has swung from the darkness of fear to the light of love. It still swings back to the darkness from time to time but for the most part, it has moved. This sounds (even to me) like happy-clappy bullshit but it is what I believe, my truth if you will.  I hav

So what the hell is a gratitude journal?

The author's gratitude journals I alluded to gratitude journaling in a few earlier articles.  You might have been wondering what a gratitude journal is exactly.   If you were then is your lucky day then because in this article I am going to talk about my introduction to gratitude journaling, how I started out, how this daily ritual has evolved for me and how much of a powerful tool it is. Writing this journal gives me control over how I turn up and meet each day, it centres me and instils calm in me. Firstly, I must give credit to Nic Gregoriades again here, it was during his early JiuJitsu Brotherhood podcasts that I heard the term “gratitude journal” and that it helped.  This intrigued me and I began looking into it. The basic idea is that each day you write down the things you are grateful for. Here are some examples of the things I find myself thankful for each day: I am grateful for my lovely amazing wife, she is such a strong, beautiful woman. I am grateful for