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Habit + Goals = Super Charged Success

In my earlier article “ritual de lo habitual” (if you know what that title refers to you are officially middle aged) I talked about using habit as a tool for evolution.  On its own habit is a powerful tool but when I align my habits to a framework of goals/ tasks I super charge my success.  I have found this especially effective when it comes to learning new skills but I have applied it to physical tasks as well (for example, buying a house) The framework I use is very simple, another tool I borrowed from the corporate world.  My dreams are high level goals, these are long term tasks or objectives I want to achieve.  For example, learning web design, starting my own business, yoga, improving my jiu-jitsu, etc.  These lofty aspirations take at least a year.  I sub-divide them into mid-term goals.  These always link back to a high level goal and take anything from one month to a year.  For example, when I started learning web-design one of my mid-term goals was to complete free