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Having enough time

I am a big fan of Marcus Aurelius and the Stoics but to be honest I find sitting down and reading their works quite a heavy task. To help get over this, I found a Google Chrome add-on called " Just Stoic " which shows a new quote every day. I love this widget because it gives me bite-size chunks of wisdom from Marcus, Seneca, and Epictecus while I am working, and I do not get overwhelmed by everything they have to say (their works are a bit heavy). Six months ago, this quote popped up and it resonated with me. "It is not that we have little time but more that we waste a good deal of it” Seneca Around the same time, I finished listening to Arnie's autobiography (if you have not heard/ read it, I strongly suggest you do it is a game-changing book in my opinion). Arnie talks about having enough time and questions if we really are "too busy". He expands on that question with examples of all the stuff he managed to get done in a day (workout, run