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The skip breakfast experiment

 Before lockdown, I was working towards getting my weight down to ninety-two kilos.   Then lockdown hit and I put on six very unwelcome kilos, pushing my weight up to one hundred kegs.   This had to change, I knew what to tweak (stop eating cake, drinking alcohol and get back on the mats).   To turbocharge my weight loss I decided to start intermittent fasting. In this article, I am going to share what I know about IF, how I am doing it and my results so far.   As with anything health-related, please seek professional medical advice before trying it.   What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting (IF) or “skip breakfast” as I think of it, is the practice of not eating for a set period of time, then eating for a shorter period of time.   I think of these periods as my “fasting window” and my “eating window” There are quite a few different IF methods/ models/ plans out there.   I have listed the most popular methods below.   If you are looking for more details on the method

Taking the plunge

  Two weeks ago I resigned from my very safe and secure IT job.  I feel sure that a lot of people I work with and that know me think I am either mad or going through a midlife crisis.  My truth is that this event has been building for a while.   I have read and heard from a number of different sources (M.J.De Marco, Osho to name a few), that to succeed in life and truly be free you have to go all in.   I had been trying to prove them wrong by staying safe and building my dream then jumping – trying to guarantee certainty.   As Osho says somewhat dramatically in his book Courage: the joy of living dangerously “people who want to live comfortably – they are seeking death, they want a comfortable grave” he goes on to say the other type of person “they choose to live dangerously, because life thrives only when there is risk”.   Until last week I was living in a comfortable grave.   Not anymore. Why did I ignore this knowledge for so long?   Simply, I was not ready, I had a comfortable

Ageing Gracelessly – the importance of mobility and conditioning after 30

Jiu-jitsu or any live, contact sport is unforgiving on the body (as I have found out) even in your prime.   I have a lot of respect for the guys my age and older just starting out at white belt.  It is a grind, especially when you are confronted with those athletic, strong twenty-year-olds who are trying to pull your head off.     I have picked up really shitty injuries along the way that keep me off the mats if I do not take care of them.  The irony of writing this is that I am injured again because I let life take over and I ignored my mobility and conditioning work  (proving that age and wisdom don’t necessarily come hand in hand).   This article is for the older guys on the mat, perhaps I have something of value to contribute?  Maybe by sharing how I see training these days and the methods I use to keep me on the mats there will be something you can use?  Let's find out.   Ego and Mindset I think the ego comes into play a lot as we age, especially for men. I like to

Jits fundamentals, why you need them and how to find them

Basics, fundamentals, foundations, first principles, essentials, prerequisites, necessities, etc, are today's subject. My mission is to try and explain why fundamentals are key to becoming the best you can be on the mats. My first series of articles talked about off the mat learning, my favourite theme. I selfishly neglected the fundamentals, in hindsight, this article should have come first.  Fundamentals are after all, arguably the most important part of Jiujitsu (or anything for that matter).   Why is that? The simple answer, (as I understand it and think of it) is that the basics run through everything we do on the mats. That flashy heel hook entry you are learning from John Danaher or Lachlan Giles, that complex worm guard sequence from Keenan online; all have their roots in the fundamentals of Jiu-jitsu. For example Let me try and give an example of what I am driving at. Say I watch a Neil Melanson YouTube video showing a really cool Darce choke from side contro