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For as long as I can remember I have had a need to understand how things work, what makes them tick and how I can apply that understanding to other things in life.  This drive, this energy for knowledge is a specific thing in me, I only come alive for what is useful, what works, what I can test, measure and apply.  

In hindsight, I think this is why I relied so much on my abilities in school and didn't apply myself.  I was never any good at studying theory or hitting the books for the sake of it.  I think that part of me did not see the point of a lot of what was taught.  I could never see the practical application of maths, physics, biology, English, etc.  Apart from certain areas that illustrated the path, business studies, economics, design and technology.  Certainly, when I think about what I have used in my corporate career from school it is mainly from business studies (there is a certain irony in this as there was a definite negative stigma attached to business studies when I was at school).

I am lucky because my mother taught me valuable lessons about how to research and study from a young age.  My father instilled in me a love of reading and taught me how to work with tools, to make, fix and mend.  On top of that my parents made sure that I had a good grasp of the fundamentals maths and english.  So all in all I had a great start in life.

Although, as I have continued on life's journey I have felt there is something missing and had a sense that the rat race is "wrong" and "is this fucking it?"   I have however never stopped teaching myself and learning.  My career taught me that I am better suited to learning on the job and self-teaching and that I thrive on fast paced challenging tasks.

"So what the fuck" you ask, "does all of this have to do with the blog?" 

Great question.  Everything!  That niggling doubt over the past ten years or so blossomed into me applying my skills to research what they don't teach you at school.  I am still on the journey experimenting with this stuff, keeping only what works, looking for common themes (fundamental rules and truisms), etc.  

This is what this part of the site is about.  Every article I put out here is tried and tested practical knowledge and methods that I know work for me.  Nothing is new however, everything I talk about is already known - the key difference to other sites is that I am giving it away.  

This is one of my core beliefs, knowledge is power, the power to succeed and enjoy life, to seek challenges, smile and enjoy the ride and most importantly learn from them. Knowledge, however, should be given freely - there is no greater gift.  I hope you find the content here useful and that it helps you evolve on your journey.  


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