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Ritual De Lo Habitual

The times in my life when I have been most successful, aligned and happy are the times when I have had a positive routine that I stuck to.   The way I thought about this and still think of it is “ritualized habit” or “Ritual de lo habitual”.   Putting the nod to Janes Addiction to one side, this article is all about the power of positive habits, why they are important, how they make success part of your daily routine and how to incorporate them in your life (if you feel you don't have time for extra stuff in your routine, check out this article ).   To give this some context, I will share examples of my past rituals and talk about the ones I use today. Way back in 2009, I was single (I hadn’t met my lovely wife yet).   I devoted all of my free time to training.   My goal was to be as good as I could be at Muay-Thai and BJJ.   The nature of my job meant that keeping a routine was tough because I was traveling to Europe, the US or Asia every few weeks.   At that time I was

My "Woke" pre "Mid life crisis"

Since I was a young man child I have “known” that the rat race wasn’t for me.   I have never believed in all the corporate bullshit, “our mission and values” – jog the fuck on pal.    The problem was that I didn’t dare to break out of it.   I didn’t dare to be different.   I knew in my heart of hearts that I could but society’s best weapon of control held me back – FEAR .   To this day, as I write this, from my comfortable home by the sea, I am still very much in the rat race but on my terms, I have an escape plan and I keep a close eye on how much "me" I put into my job.   As a good friend of mine once said through a haze of alcohol, red bull and fear at 2am “ is THIS fucking IT? ”   She promptly passed out and never did quite explain what “this” was to her but it resonated with me.   To me “this” was and is the mediocrity of being bound to a job you hate, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, drowning out the truth with alcohol, weed, coke, sex (not always in tha

About - Knowledge & Evolution

For as long as I can remember I have had a need to understand how things work, what makes them tick and how I can apply that understanding to other things in life.  This drive, this energy for knowledge is a specific thing in me, I only come alive for what is useful, what works, what I can test, measure and apply.   In hindsight, I think this is why I relied so much on my abilities in school and didn't apply myself.  I was never any good at studying theory or hitting the books for the sake of it.  I think that part of me did not see the point of a lot of what was taught.  I could never see the practical application of maths, physics, biology, English, etc.  Apart from certain areas that illustrated the path, business studies, economics, design and technology.  Certainly, when I think about what I have used in my corporate career from school it is mainly from business studies (there is a certain irony in this as there was a definite negative stigma attached to business studies